Initiate ransom.

Today, you’re the ransomware. Your goal? Surpass the network defenses to infect the system, encrypt the data, and reap the rewards.

To play the game to the right, click to dodge obstacles, and see how far you can get. But be careful: rumor has it this system has a new first line of defense...


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Ransomware has proliferated rapidly and as it evolves, more attacks and variants are likely right around the corner. The impact of WannaCry alone:


Countries attacked


Machines infected


Companies victimized by the attack

Understand the sequence of events, spread and exposure of the WannaCry ransomware attack, and the role Cisco Umbrella played to help reduce the impact.

Working with our Cisco Talos counterparts, Umbrella analyzed WannaCry’s behavior to protect our customers. Learn more in this detailed retrospective.

One of the biggest security concerns for retailers right now is ransomware. The extra layer of malware protection at the network with AMP for Networks has helped us detect malware.

Perry Stockwell
Systems Administrator

After clicking on a link to a compromised site, a browser connects to an exploit kit which examines the environment and makes a callback to malicious infrastructure. Within 15 minutes, a ransomware variant is dropped onto your system and data on the endpoint is encrypted.

The Inside Ransomware infographic takes a look at ransomware in 2016 by the numbers and what makes this particular breed of malware so profitable.

While ransomware is a growing threat, there are ways to thwart these attacks. Having great tools in your arsenal is the best way to combat this problem.

Freud Alexandre
Security Manager
City of New Orleans

Though ransomware has become a challenge for enterprises across industries, experts agree that companies can significantly reduce the risk of infections with a layered-security approach. Traditional perimeter and endpoint defenses are critical, but in today’s environment, companies need solutions that can protect users anywhere they go.

You need to have systems such as Umbrella and Firepower to build layers of protection.

Tyler Warren
Security Consultant

University of Kansas Hospital keeps patients and doctors ransomware-free.

In order to strengthen its security infrastructure and better protect patient data and intellectual property from ransomware attacks, the University of Kansas Hospital deployed Cisco Umbrella as its first line of defense against threats for its users.

Reduced threats
by ~99%

Decreased investigation time by 75%

Improved visibility
and automation

Deploying Umbrella was fast and we experienced immediate time-to-value.

- Henry Duong, Infrastructure Security Manager, The University of Kansas Hospital

Stop ransomware before it starts.
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For protection on endpoints, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints constantly and actively monitors file behavior on all devices - detecting and preventing threats without requiring human intervention, for quick, automatic protection.

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