More reasons to love your Wi-Fi

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Got Wi-Fi? It’s time to combine network and security data for insights that not only help you optimize your network’s performance, it keeps it secure. Now there’s an easier way to protect every user on your Meraki network in minutes without deploying an additional security appliance.

Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella offer simple and effective protection for your network.

Umbrella is a DNS-layer security solution built into the backbone of the Internet. It blocks users from accessing malicious sites before the connection is made, and offers the first line of defense against security breaches in your WLAN.

With Cisco Umbrella, it takes only a few clicks to set up custom policies and deploy them across your Meraki MR access points in minutes.

Find out why joining forces with your networking manager may be the best thing for your security team right now. 

Rachel Ackerly
Product Manager
Cisco Umbrella