Risky Business

See how cloud usage introduces new vulnerabilities — and how you can control the threats.

Meet Michelle.

She’s a sales rep for a global manufacturing company.
Like much of today’s workforce, she’s always connected while on the go.

Risk Alert!

Apps, data, and identities now
live in the cloud.

As adoption of cloud apps increases,
the traditional security stack provides
limited or no visibility or control.

Risk Alert!

Providing credentials to
third-party apps can increase

By using a cloud identity to log into a
third-party application, a user may
unintentionally grant that app excessive
rights to an account, such as the
ability to view, modify, and
delete files.

Risk Alert!

Off-VPN internet usage
increases risks.

Because apps and data aren’t behind the
firewall, users don’t need the
VPN to get work done, increasing the
risk of exposing sensitive info —
inadvertently or maliciously.

Risk Alert!

Direct access to the internet
is the new norm.

Instead of backhauling traffic
to corporate, branch offices are
moving to direct internet access
without IT oversight.


Today, Michelle is at headquarters wrapping up a proposal she created using Microsoft Office 365,
before traveling to a customer meeting. She requests a Lyft to the airport, shares the proposal with a
colleague via Box, and checks Salesforce for any deal updates.

On the Go

On her way to the airport, Michelle downloads a new project management app her
coworker mentioned and logs in with her Microsoft credentials to give it a try.

At the Airport

Michelle powers up her laptop and connects to the free airport Wi-Fi, bypassing the VPN
to connect directly to her Office 365 email, and searches the web for a podcast about her
customer’s industry to brush up during the flight.

Branch Office

Michelle connects to Wi-Fi to access the latest proposal and launches her online meeting app.
She sees a strange pop-up, but her customer has just arrived, so she closes the notification and
starts her meeting. She’s at her company’s branch office, so she assumes she’s covered.

Sound familiar?

70% increase

in SaaS app usage is expected by 2018.1

64% of apps

request more permissions than needed.2

82% of workers

admit to not always using the VPN.3

69% of branch offices

have direct-to-internet access.4

Today’s cloud-enabled workforce
demands a new kind of security.

Secure access to and usage of the cloud with Cisco cloud security.

Visibility & control
Gain complete visibility into internet and cloud application activity across all office locations and roaming devices.

Complete protection
Protect users, apps, and data against infection, compromise, and insider threats. Plus, monitor cloud data risk and ensure compliance.

Simple investigations
Easily audit cloud logs in the event of a breach, and investigate attacks with internet-wide visibility.

Don’t let the cloud put your business at risk.
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