The Rise of Direct Internet Access and the Impact on Cyberattacks

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Click here to watch a demo of Cisco Umbrella, our cloud security platform that provides the first line of defence against threats on the internet. Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, it is the easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes.
Today’s workplaces are changing. Your users are getting work done on and off the network, and using more SaaS apps, which makes them increasingly vulnerable to attacks. Has your security kept up with the changing times? In this webinar, you’ll hear about the latest security research and learn how to keep your users safe, no matter where they work.

Enterprise Strategy Group partnered with Cisco to analyze and validate the latest trends in the security market, including customer perceptions and consumption patterns. This research reveals a fundamentally new approach to how organizations can keep roaming users and branch office (ROBO) locations secure from malicious threats.

Join ESG Security Analyst, Jon Oltsik, and Cisco Product expert, Negisa Taymourian on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET to discuss the latest insights on the state of cybersecurity.

Negisa Taymourian
Product Manager
Cisco Umbrella